Mesotherapy is a skin revitalisation treatment that improves skin tone, hydration and firmness by stimulating collagen and elastin on the face, neck, décolletage and the back of hands. It is a great treatment for:

  • General skin rejuvenation and intense hydration. 
  • Softening fine facial lines.
  • Boosting thinning skin.
  • Improving skin softness, luminosity and glow.

At Stradbrook Skin and Beauty we take Mesotherapy to a higher level of precision and effectiveness using the Meso-gun, which means a much more comfortable treatment than traditional Mesotherapy. This intense hydration treatment involves multiple micro-injections (which are virtually painless) of hyaluronic acid and a rejuvenating vitamin cocktail which stimulates collagen production and improves elasticity, hydration and texture of the skin, combating signs of ageing. We use clinically specialised ingredients such as:

  • Tailor made ampoules of hyaluronic acid combined with a cocktail of vitamins - this allows a small amount of plumping, moisturising from the hyaluronic acid which can replace the skin’s natural stores making the skin visibly smoother. By injecting vitamins directly into the skin, the tissues receive exactly what they need, where they need it. Neither oral nor vitamin creams can offer similar results. Vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E are very powerful antioxidants which prevent free radical damage, the most significant cause of skin ageing. The combination of vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E works synergistically to provide a powerful defence system against ageing.
  • PRGF (Plasma rich in growth factor) Known as the Plasma regeneration Facelift - PRGF is obtained by spinning the patient’s own blood in a centrifuge. which produces a high concentration of platelets with a high level of growth factors and bioactive proteins. This is injected back into the skin to regenerative and rejuvenative. Specifically PRGF stimulates thickening of the superfical layer of the skin, encourages collagen restructuring and improves blood supply and cell regeneration. Noticeable improvement will be visible in skin tone, luminosity, elasticity as well as subtle reduction in the depth of any fine lines.

The effects of the treatment are cumulative and usually initially require three treatments at 3-4 weekly intervals. Patients love the results and attend for maintenance every 3-6 months to keep the skin refined and bright.

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